An Open Letter to Straight, White, Cisgender Men

An Open Letter to Straight, White, Cisgender Men,   CC: Christians, the Able Bodied, etc. Hey, How you guys doing? I understand some of you are feeling some kinda way about that women’s only screening of Wonder Woman. Here’s the thing. Throughout our nation’s history, from the dawn of the republic to eleven seconds ago, […]

For Colored Ghostbusters Who Have Considered Grad School

Or, Bustin’ [Stereotypes] Makes Me Feel Good Let’s get a couple things straight: I have nothing against people with regular-ass jobs. Neither of my parents attended university. My mom was a nurse and my dad was a general contractor. I spent my formative years covered in drywall dust working alongside my dad. I love me […]

David and Andy on the Color Blue

My roommate, Andy, and I have lived together so long that we’ve developed a style of communication that few other people could understand. For example, this exchange on the color blue. Me: That’s really blue. Andy: It’s like “Dante Spinotti Blue.” Me: I was going to say it was “Janusz Kaminsky Blue.” Andy: No, it’s […]

How The Avengers Should Have Ended


Dear Director Fury: We accept that we all had to give up being the stars of our own movies in order to save the world. However, we think you’re

crazy to ask us to write an essay on who we think we are. You see

us as you want to see us, on the simplest terms and the most convenient

definitions. But, what we discovered today is that each one of us is a monster…



…and a super soldier…


              BLACK WIDOW (VOICE OVER)

…and a spy…


              THOR (VOICE OVER)

…and a demi-god…


              HAWKEYE (VOICE OVER)

…and an assassin…


              IRON MAN (VOICE OVER)

…and a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.


              BRUCE BANNER

 Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Avengers.