Men Are Garbage, #MeToo

    “Oh look, another cishet male with thoughts about the #MeToo movement! Make a wish, sweetheart.” [If you get through all 1,200 words without being offended by something, let me know and I’ll revise.] I’m not a Men Right’s Activist, and I’m not a Male Feminist™ [‘cause Male Feminists™ are the worst! AmIright, ladies?] […]

Charlie Brennan is a Huge Douchebag.

Lots of people think that Charlie Brennan is a huge douchebag. But they raise a very important question: Is Charlie Brennan is a huge douchebag? See what I did there? Rather than make an ad hominem attack (Charlie Brennan is a huge douchebag), I phrased it as an opinion and rather than claim it as […]