Elaine Goble Dandridge 1-13-1952 – 1-11-2017

About six months before the death of my wife, Elaine Goble Dandridge, I interviewed her. The topics were wide-ranging, but I have selected for public consumption what she said about the role drawing and painting has played in her life, her residency as a portrait artist for spoken-word poets at the Goodie House readings, and […]

Fat Women with Amazing Sex Lives: Lola

Lola, producer, and host of Sex Ed A Go-Go David Wraith: What makes your sex life amazing? Lola: I’m at a place in my life where I feel more comfortable in my body and it’s ability to be sexy while naked, and I’ve gotten better at choosing who I share that with. I’m still a big […]

Men Are Garbage, #MeToo

    “Oh look, another cishet male with thoughts about the #MeToo movement! Make a wish, sweetheart.” [If you get through all 1,200 words without being offended by something, let me know and I’ll revise.] I’m not a Men Right’s Activist, and I’m not a Male Feminist™ [‘cause Male Feminists™ are the worst! AmIright, ladies?] […]

Fat Women with Amazing Sex Lives: Hanne Blank

Hanne Blank, author of and editor of several books, including Big Big Love and The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise. David Wraith: Without going into specifics, what makes your sex life amazing? Hanne Blank: Getting clear with myself on what I wanted sexually made all the difference to the quality of my sex life.  It […]

Coming Soon: Fat Women with Amazing Sex Lives

  Okay, some of you are already in your feels from the headline, I’m sure. Why “fat?” Why “women?” Why “sex?” Why not “Plus Sized People with Amazing Love Lives?” Let’s break it down, shall we? Fat: We have all sorts of euphemisms to describe people of size: plus-sized, pleasantly plump, big-boned, BBW, plush. And […]

An Open Letter to Straight, White, Cisgender Men

An Open Letter to Straight, White, Cisgender Men,   CC: Christians, the Able Bodied, etc. Hey, How you guys doing? I understand some of you are feeling some kinda way about that women’s only screening of Wonder Woman. Here’s the thing. Throughout our nation’s history, from the dawn of the republic to eleven seconds ago, […]

How to Throw a Penis Party

I’ve spent the last five years throwing all sorts of clothing optional events. And you probably haven’t. I’ve sort of become an accidental expert on the subject, so if you’re in the St. Louis area and are in the market for a clothing optional event planner, I’m your man. If you’re outside the St. Louis […]

The Naked Truth: SEX+STL Clothing Optional Events

Why Do We Do This? Why throw a clothing optional event? Why attend one? It’s a question a child might ask, but it’s not a childish question. I’ll answer with more questions. Why do we wear costumes on Halloween? Why do we wear black to funerals? Why do some offices require business attire, and why […]

Donald Trump is President: Now What?

I observed radio silence for several hours yesterday, which those of you who know me know is uncharacteristic of me. But, I figured, an anxious nation has been wondering, “What does David Wraith think about all this.” Just kidding. For a while, I was like, “I got nothing. I don’t know what to say. I […]